Yukarı Çık

Rice Husk

The husk which is both our own production as Alemdar Gıda and procured from the producer is dried in our facility at first; its moisture is reduced, it undergoes peeling and glazing processes and purged with sortex from the foreign materials within.

We have four distinct varieties, which are packaged and put up for sale as Baldo, Cameo, Osmancık and Luna. Those are offered to the consumer on domestic market, under the trade names of Sungold, Suntrack, and Ahmetağa.

The raw oil and husk facility is established on the Edirne-Çanakkale road, on a terrain of 35000 square meters. The husk processing capacity in the plant is 120000 kg/day.

Alemdar Group - Rice Husk




Rice Husk - Alemdar Group
Rice Husk - Alemdar Group
Rice Husk - Alemdar Group